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Snacks For The Road

Happy New Year!

Like many of you, we spent most of our 2019 Holiday Season on the road visiting family. We traveled from Indiana to South Carolina, back up to Indiana. Then we drove 3 hours north... to see more family. It was a lot of fun!

We, my husband Jerod and I, did not want to completely derail our healthy eating habits while we traveled. Also, we are both making sacrifices as I pursue my dreams of owning a fitness business. Those sacrifices include scaling back on our spending habits.

I asked on my Facebook: "What are you go to travel foods". Many of the items we went with are because of the responses on that post. THANK YOU!

Here is a run down of the plan:

Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches

Apples with peanut butter

Trail Mix


Pretzels w/ Dip



Smashed Garbanzo Beans

Homemade Cookies (thanks Jerod)

Here is the grocery list (Aldi):


Gluten Free Bagels

English Muffins


Miracle Whip (we aren't perfect)


Peanut Butter

Trail Mix



Sour Cream

Onion Soup Mix (to add to sour cream to dip)

Water (we had bottles on hand)

Gluten Free Crackers

Garbanzo Beans


Wavy Chips

Breakfast Bars

Total Cost $45


We stopped at a hotel for the night 2/3 of the way down to South Carolina and on the way back up. We only picked up coffee and energy drinks (Jerod because he did all of the driving). Our hotel on the first night had a kitchen. We were able to make turkey melts with the food that we brought and enjoyed our snacks. We did stop for wine, because I mean... it was a holiday and we aren't perfect.

We stayed in South Carolina for about 5 days. While traveling back, the only meal we stopped of was Dominos pizza. We decided we would rather put money to one meal then buy more groceries for the road. Also, we don't buy snacks for the road when we see our family in Indiana because its a MUCH shorter car ride. We usually just stop for coffee and caffeine.

I hope you find this helpful. This is the kind of information that I am ALWAYS looking for when I am traveling or creating a meal plan. I want to be a resource for you all. The point of nutrition is to fuel your body consistently, not to be perfect. I want to be honest about how we REALLY eat to let you know that it is OK.

Also... the mountains were stunning...

Take Care XO

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