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We Failed.

My husband and I are always trying to push our boundaries with meal prep and grocery shopping. We will attempt to plan for two weeks of meals at a time. Almost making it a science of meals vs money. Then we will stay within $50 (+/-) of our budget at the store. Get home... only to run out of food within a week. LIKE HOW?!

Let's back up....

We returned from our holiday travels. We had basically ZERO food in the house. We created a two week meal prep plan that we would pay for with our Christmas gift cards. Everything went great, only $50 over budget. Until a week later, when we didn't have enough food for the second week and had to go back to the store to spend another $170.

Where did we go wrong:

- Underestimated how LITTLE we had at home. We didn't have enough food on hand to supplement the grocery trip.

- Not enough produce. We are trying to eat more plant based. We didn't realize how much we have upped up our veggie game.

- Lack of EXTRA meals. My biggest meal prep tip: Plan your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) then plan "other meals". Food that you know you love, but has a long shelf life. These meals are good when you aren't in the mood to eat what you meal prepped. It is like a backup plan for meal prepping that prevents you from eating out when you don't want your planned chicken meal, or whatever it may be.

Original Plan:

We went back for the second week to pick up extra snacks and produce.

(Aldi on week 2: spent about $170. The Aisle of Shame got us too {$50}! We got a shoe tray, blender bottles and a blender.)

Bottomline: If you are going to shop for more than one week at a time, buy more than you think you should.

I hope you find this helpful! I am going to post two more tips and a recipe below.

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Tip 1: Keep a tally of the price as you put items in your cart. This will help you stay on budget.

Tip 2: Take a clipboard (or organization of choice) with your list and coupons. Mark on your list the weekly sale items.

Recipe: Broccoli Fritter {Trying this week}

See you next time!


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