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I started working out with Abbie nearly a year and a half ago. Initially, it was about trying something new and gaining someone who would keep me accountable. Abbie does more than just train your body for results; she trains your body for a different lifestyle. I started working out once or twice a week, then increased to 3-4 times a week added in tracking my food, and then looking at more than the scale. Abbie was there for me the whole way as my trainer, cheerleader, and a friend. Since January, I am down 15 lbs. I am still not exactly where I want to be, but my goal was to make better habits by my 30th birthday and it’s finally starting to pay off.



I met Abbie when I randomly walked into a cardio fitness class a couple years ago. Abbie’s enthusiasm for making fitness a part of your life resonated with me. So, when our paths aligned and I need a PT right as she became one, I knew it was perfect. 

As a new mom and someone with chronic pain, I have struggled with consistency. There is always a really, really good reason not to move. Abbie helps me keep my thinking about my body positive: my fitness plan should fit what my body is telling me. 

While it sounds simple, having a positive professional to talk to about fitness is crucial. This past year, I’ve gone through a lot of life changes (becoming a mom, changing jobs, etc.) Abbie gives me a space to think about my lifestyle/fitness goals and the steps to achieve them. It is so nice to talk about fitness without thinking about numbers on a scale/dress size or some crazy fad diet. She has helped make my entire family’s lifestyle much more active by helping me integrate into our lives. 

I feel a lot more positive. It can be very hard with chronic pain to constantly feel like I should be able to do more. Abbie has really helped me feel more positive about what I’m doing now to help me as I grow stronger. She’s also helped me through the transition from being 3 months post-partum to now. My body and lifestyle changed completely after becoming a mom, and she’s helped me feel positive about that transition. We also work one weights so I can keep up with my daughter’s growth!



I loved Abbie’s Positivity and energy! Always so hype!

I have struggled with consistency. I used to work out for just like a month at a time and never stay with it.  I am happy to ay for over a year now I’ve been going to the gym consistently!

I love that Abbie switches up the workouts. You’ll never know what you are gonna get for the week! 

Abbie helped me realize how strong my body really is by pushing me and having me test my limits! She’s been great in helping with gaining confidence.



I found Abbie at the YMCA byway of Les Mills Body Pump. I’ve always been a pretty physically fit individual, but Abbie helped me with gaining more confidence. Just being connected with the class and you and your energy pushed me to go harder you motivated me.


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I am a longtime friend of Abbie's. I am not formally signed up with her, but have taken her classes over the years.


I have struggled most with motivation and accountability. Abbie's classes are fun and engaging. She makes sure that her clients are getting the most out of the time they put in. I have always felt like I got a great workout with Abbie and always leave saying I wish I lived closer and could join more often. 


In addition to taking Abbie's fitness classes, she has been a support in my efforts to get healthy at the nutritional level. She provides great advice and resources that are practical to my lifestyle. She not only celebrates successes, but is supportive during struggles and helps to brainstorm positive changes and lifts me up. She helps hold me accountable when I need it and checks in on my progress. 


I have changed my perspective on taking fitness classes because of Abbie. Not being local means that I have had to look into other facilities in my area, but my willingness to try out new classes has been a positive change. This is in part due to Abbie's support and encouragement!



I started going to Abbie’s classes because she was telling me about the classes she taught and inviting me. I struggled with not working out prior to attending classes. I learned that fitness can be fun and ways to make it part of my life. I feel more physically able. I think I look more in shape, and noticed on a hike that I was way less tired than I would have been before.



Your contagious, positive energy and ability to make workouts entertaining. Motivation for consistency. I look forward to your classes week after week and love the routine I’ve fallen into. 

I love the way you encourage and motivate everyone around you. I’ve found myself using your techniques and phrases to motivate and entertain my family during daily activities or while out hiking. I feel great! 

My strength and technique have greatly improved over the last several months. You’re always there reminding us that we can do more than our minds will have us know. Pushing us to get lower in a squat or do a push up on our toes when we think we’ve maxed out.



Q: What made you sign up to work together?

A: Your fun attitude


Q: What did you find most useful or impactful about our work together?

A: Having fun while working out. 


Q: What were you struggling with before we started working together?

A: I have always worked out but going to Abbie's classes made it fun! 


Q: What, specifically, about our work together helped you get there?

A: I always left uplifted and inspired!



I trusted Abbie, even though we hadn't known each other for very long before I signed up with her.  I felt as though I had know her for years and she also has great fitness experience and awesome coaching prices ;-)


I struggled with having a solid fitness plan and goals. There have been so many times in my life that I would start working out but I would lose motivation because I didn't have a solid workout routine or plan.  I would feel like nothing was changing so I would quit.  I guess you can say I was a "yo-yo" gym goer, lol. I am the type of person that if I have a plan I will push myself but if I am just going to the gym not really having a plan I wouldn't push myself very hard or I just wouldn't go at all.  Also, I didn't realize it at the time but I needed help with the emotional aspects of health/fitness.  I have a tendency to be super critical of myself and my appearance I needed help and accountably to work through this, to learn to love myself at all stages of my fitness journey and Abbie is helping me work through this! 


The most impactful thing that Abbie is currently helping me work through is the emotional aspects of health/fitness. I can be extremely self critical of my appearance and of my eating habits.  For example, if I deviate from the meal plan I had set for myself I feel guilty and beat myself up mentally but Abbie is helping me work through this by, letting me know that it is ok and that it is normal to have struggles with food.  I don't need to feel guilty and I need to look at all the positive fitness/health things that I accomplished during the week.


Also, having a new workout routine and plan every 2 weeks has been a game changer in my fitness.  Now, that I have a plan and I know exactly what I am doing I push myself, in a good way.  I am getting stronger all of the time, I am currently squatting and dead lifting 100 lbs!  My goal is to squat and dead lift my body weight!  There has been times where I don't want to workout but once I start doing the routines I love it and feel so accomplished when I am done.  I am also feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin.


I feel uplifted after every weekly check-in, not only I am seeing results physically, I am getting stronger, more toned with every workout plan that Abbie writes me but she is helping me emotionally too, to see that I don't need to go to extremes to reach my fitness goals.  As she says "There is no need to get to your destination faster by driving through the corn field, just take the highway it is safe and you are still going to get to your destination." 



I’m always amazed by the new things Abbie takes on and masters. I love to try new workouts so I’m always exited to attend Abbie’s classes or watch her train orders when I come home to visit.  I have very little upper body strength. First of all, I love Abbie’s energy. It’s contagious and makes working out fun. Secondly, Abbie is always explaining the “why” and “what” during workouts which is really helpful for me. Last, she always offers up an alternative that allows you to build up to parts of the workout that require more strength. I feel SORE after a workout! But also energized! My form always improves after working out with Abbie.



Working with Abbie came highly highly recommended by friends so I was looking forward to it! 


I was struggling with seeing results that encouraged me. I was incredibly active and have been my whole life, but as I've gotten older, seeing changes in my body was becoming harder and harder. 


I loved that we celebrated each milestone or win, no matter the size. Just showing up and moving was something to be proud of. Lifting a few more pounds deserved a high five. This helped keep me motivated and I enjoyed every single session. I feel great! I have reignited my love for working out and exercise. My main motivation is not to lose weight but rather to feel good about myself and move my body. This is a much healthier approach to exercise and I am so excited about what comes next.



My friend Ryu invited me to one of your classes! Where was I struggling? Life. Just kidding! Well, kind of.  I was trying to get healthy, mentally and physically.  I found myself at age 30 having little energy, bad eating habits, and a knack for saying I didn’t have time to work out. I wanted to get back to a better workout routine that made me excited to get back into the gym. I just love your energy! Your Body Pump classes became a part of my weekly routine.  I love your positive approach to fitness.  You sprinkle in humor, motivation, and a little silliness, the perfect recipe for a good time!  Oh and your pre- and post- class music selections are always on point. I feel strong! I feel confident!  I was pretty intimidated to try Body Pump for the first time. I was worried I wouldn’t be good at it, or it would be too hard, but I got hooked right away. It gave me the confidence to try all kinds of other new fitness-related activities.  Your class is still my favorite and I will always credit it for jump starting my fitness journey!



A lot of things changed for me as a result of having you as a personal trainer. My stress was reduced. I became more confident with my body. More importantly, i realized how much my body was capable of when i nurtured her with a good balance of rest and fitness. Naturally, over time I became stronger and more lean. Ultimately, I lost 42 pounds over the course of two years as a result of training. I’ve gained some of that back but now understand what i need to do to loose it. It was also helpful to gradually strength train as I became pescatarian. Giving up meat can leave you flabby so constantly training that lean muscle is important and a priority for me. Overall, it was the slow lifestyle change that i needed



I wanted to try out something new. The one on one training would be something different from any other exercise routine I had done before. I stopped working out regularly during law school. I worked full time, became a homeowner, planned a wedding, and went to school 4 nights a week and during that time I didn't make exercise a priority. Once I was finally done with school and had a stable routine, I needed a push to get back into fitness. I learned how to navigate the weight room and how to lift with proper form! The best result was getting back into the habit of working out and gaining confidence in the weight room!



After a few years without exercising regularly I joined the gym, initially taking classes that did not challenge me.  I was looking for a challenging, regular fitness program. And, I needed to lose weight (more than 50 pounds).  From the moment I stepped into Abbie's class a year ago, she greeted me and was thrilled to hear about her class being my first introduction to bodypump. She was encouraging and has an such a "let's do this" attitude, it really sets the tone for a fabulous workout. I started off in the back row with barely any weight on my bar, and now proudly occupy the front row. No matter where I stand in class, Abbie still welcomes me and my classmates and keeps us smiling through grueling workouts. She is super fun and has perfected her workout style to help all of us reach our goals. Abbie's energy is contagious. The moment you step in her class, nothing else matters. Shw often tells us to push any negative or worrisome thoughts aside and to focus on the workout, that it's our time.  It's so rewarding to not only make it to her class, but to know she is going to challenge us to do more, to add more weight to the bar, to squat lower, to add a few push ups on our toes, and to have fun while doing it. And, I have continued to lose weight, to get stronger, and to be more confident on my fitness abilities. Abbie is a true inspiration. 



“Abbie was my Body Pump instructor. My biggest struggle was being consistent with strength training and Body Pump was the best introduction to weight lifting. My most impactful moments came for me when Abbie shared knowledge outside of the classroom. Her willingness to share tips to enhance my fitness have been extremely beneficial. I am truly grateful I stumbled upon her Body Pump class because she is a truly a bright light full of positive energy and attending her classes is always a fun time!  There was a time when I planned on leaving the gym but Abbie’s willingness to share resources and overall encouragement led to me discovering a format that fit my needs. She is one of the biggest reasons I am still have a membership!